Jimten, S.A. was founded in 1965 in Alicante (Spain) by two brothers Juan and Manuel Ten, whose aim was to make friendly plumbers’ work easier by replacing lead with much easier to install plastic. Probably in their most courageous dreams, they did not expect, that in short time the name of Jimten, which was created from first letters of brothers’ names and their surname, will be associated with modernity in plumbing business.
Made of polypropylene, electronically controlled traps and wastes are winning the highest places among rankings run among plumbers and final users.
Seemingly trivial improvements like double cut threads or elastic gaskets causes that Jimten traps are bought by wider and wider group of consumers. Normative height of the trap makes that Jimten products just play their role. Self-cleaining waste stucture, self-greasing effects on the junction of teflon and stainless steel are convincing more and more plumbers to these solutions.
Nowadays Jimten S.A. is strong, equipped with huge moulds’ warehouse, modern factory.