The factory located in Barcelona (founded in 1970) offers a full range of fittings in diameters from 1/8 ″ to 4 ″. In accordance with European standards, the factory produces CW617N brass (according to EN-12165) used for hot forging and CB753S (according to EN-1982) for casting in its own steel mill.
The production range, modern technological process, own steel mill and laboratory make that the fittings with SOBIME logo are bought by installers performing both home and specialist installations, for which the quality of installed products is one of the priorities.
The entire process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.
The current scope of SOBIME’s production is:
– threaded fittings,
– solder fittings ,
– single lever, double lever, non-contact, thermostatic taps.